My profile - Anne Kruse Christensen


Hey! J I'm a girl, and 16 years old. I live out east near the 'country-side' in the city Hillerød. My mother and father are married and they live together with me and my little sister (12) in our house. We have two horses, a cat, a hamster with long hair and we have a very big voliere full of many kinds of birds.

I have a very relaxed, but lively personality, and I seldom get angry. I can be very stubborn if I really don't want to do something or if it is about something I really care about. Most people say I look very sweet, and I am, but that's possibly because I'm very polite and respectful to other people. I also like to smile and make people happy and to laugh and being happy of course! Otherwise I like to think a lot about things. Philosophy J Sometimes it is just about everything between heaven and earth, but mostly I think about how to solve the problems I have, if I have some... Or if one of my friends has a problem I can help with.

In my spare time I love to be with the horses on the little farm where they are stabled. Sometimes I can spend the whole day being out there. Riding, or exploring or just walking a long way on the big fields. Sometimes I take the two small dogs with me. The owners of the dogs are also the very nice old couple who lives on the little farm.

When I'm not with the horses I like to practice dancing which I had done the last 11 years, or I can work-out to keep the shape J... I have done very many kinds of dancing, ex. Ballet, hip-hop, disco freestyle, cancan, show dance, logging, funk, salsa etc. I won't mention them all. I very seldom watch TV, but I can be nice a time or two...

I also like to be with my friends, having a nice and funny time. It is very different whether I like nice evenings with dinner or partying the whole night. Last I really love to meet new people! It is so exciting to hear their story and learning to know them...

Short about my taste of music: it is very wide, and I like almost all styles of music. But especially rap/hip-hop (snoop dog, 2pac), relaxing music (ex. Enya), or sometimes techno and dance... but as I said I like the most!


I really look forward to visit you, and to see Rome and all the other things we are going to do!

Nice Greetings from: Anne Kruse Christensen J


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